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Mar. 8th, 2016 03:34 pm
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Marquis de Lafayette
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Player: Mandy
Canon: Hamilton: an American musical
Canon Point: Just after the battle of Yorktown, 1781
Alignment: Thras
Date of Entry: 03/08/2016

Contact: [plurk.com profile] tyriangalley
Profile: Link
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Apr. 5th, 2016 12:27 pm
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March 2016:

- Emp: Arrival log, 3/9 (Hamilton, Laurens, Eliza, Jefferson, Yuri.)
* finding out about Alexander and John's deaths
- Emp: An ill-fated penguin hunt, 3/14-ish. (Laurens, Hamilton, Eliza, Burr, etc)
- Crystal: A discussion of jobs with a future President, 3/14. (Jefferson)
- Emp: Yelling about candidates with Laurens and Hamilton, 3/15
- Crystal: Election results with a pony princess, 3/17. (Celestia)
- Emp: Contingency planning in case shit goes south, or: revolutionaries gotta revolt. 3/18 (Toxic Love Shack members, Madison, Jefferson)
- Emp: Lafayette attempts to hunt down a job, makes new friends! 3/22 (Anakin, Jefferson, Enoch, Ringabel, Countess Anise, Princess Cadence, Bulat.)

April 2016:

- Emp: Dragon-hunting with the gay trio, 4/4. (Hamilton, Laurens)
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Player: Mandy
Contact: [plurk.com profile] tyriangalley
Age: 29
Current Characters:None


Character: Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette.
Age: 23
Canon: Hamilton
Canon Point: Just after the Battle of Yorktown, 1781.

Background: Historical Lafayette, Synopsis of the musical

Personality: We don’t get to see a WHOLE lot of Lafayette throughout the show, mostly because -- well, he’s busy helping lead an army and trying to garner support from France. We do, however, see that he is brave, clever, and charming. Granted, all the revolutionaries we find in act one of Hamilton are most certainly brave, but -- Lafayette dares to take risks. He crossed the ocean at the age of nineteen in order to do nothing but help a country that wasn’t even his own, for the cause of liberty. He has commanded battalions, lead armies even though he’d been shot in the leg and could hardly stand. There is very little he fears, save perhaps losing his General/adopted father’s respect and anything happening to his family or friends. He will fight for a cause he believes in -- liberty and equality, naturally -- or, you know, to protect people. That’s a pretty good cause, too.

He’s also clever -- maybe it’s to do with the fact that he was trained from pretty much childhood to be a soldier, but he planned with Washington and lead his commands to victory quite a few times throughout his service in the Continental army. He was cited numerous times throughout the Revolution for his gallantry, bravery, and prudence, and eventually rose to Major-General upon his return from France. His intelligence and charm helped garner badly-needed support from his home country, and helped the army to win battles in unexpected ways. He takes in as much information as he can in a rapid amount of time -- he taught himself English during his original crossing to the United States; and despite telling Washington he was only in the colonies to learn, ended up leading a command a few months after his arrival in America.

Lafayette didn’t exactly grow up in the French court, mostly in the Auvergne, but he learned quick enough once he started hanging around Versailles. He has all the charm and likability that comes with being acquainted with a noble court. He is well-spoken and intelligent, and managed to endear himself to General Washington, who was famously taciturn and blunt; but ended up looking on Lafayette as his adopted son. This amiability also managed to make him the hero of two worlds, eventually playing an important part in both the French Revolution and the American one. While in France, he also befriended various other founding fathers: Jefferson and Franklin, to name a few, and of course convinced the French ambassadors to lend aid to the colonies. In the musical, at least, he attempts to charm various ladies: namely Angelica Schuyler, and can be seen dancing with a few of them during the Hamilton’s wedding. In reality, he was very happily married during the Revolution -- but his wit and genteel manners endeared him to quite a few people regardless. There’s a reason he’s referred to as ‘America’s favorite fighting Frenchman’, and he certainly deserves the title.

Abilities: Only those that come with being trained as a soldier for the majority of his life! Okay, and he’s a pretty decent major-general too.

Alignment: THRAS. Because what’s not ridiculous and brave about going halfway across the world to fight for freedom? He’s got a bit of a thing about standing up for what’s right and fighting for the rights of all mankind.
Other: I guess, just -- bear in mind that this is Lafayette from before the French Revolution/everything in his life is terrible, so he’s -- much more of a happy bouncy 23 year old, haha.


Sample: Test drive thread!

Questions: Uuuuh none!


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